Vehicle Air Con Repairs in Mansfield

Here at AF1 Services we understand and appreciate problems that might arise with your car’s air conditioning system. We offer a full air conditioning service as well as Re-gas, Recon and general maintenance. Air con repairs and servicing are part of the many accessories supplied by AF1 Services

Our highly trained technicians are experts in diagnosing problems with your vehicle’s air conditioning and are able to offer a prompt affordable solution.

Our experienced technicians can provide an all-inclusive Car air conditioning recharge in Mansfield to restore your vehicle’s air conditioning system to its optimal running conditions.

Modern, Fully Equipped Workshops

Our factory trained technician will help care for your car to the highest possible standards in our modern, fully equipped workshops. 

Whatever your requirements, from either a side-light bulb replacement to a complete engine rebuild, a minor leather trim scuff to a major wiring fault, the dreaded annual MoT to an air conditioning system recharge or service, AF1 is more than competent to tackle the most demanding of tasks, however serious and dramatic you might expect them to be.

100% Dealer Expertise at 50% of the Cost

For all Automotive servicing, repairs and diagnostics in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Call: 01623 657377

We are also qualified under the new EEC block exemption legislation, to service new cars without it affecting your manufacturer’s warranty and carry out maintenance and servicing on Fiats and other vehicle manufacturers.

In October 2003 European legislation affecting the motor trade came into force – its full title is Block Exemption Regulation 1400/2002 (BER for short). Before BER it was very difficult to have new cars serviced outside a franchised dealer.

The legislation now changes the way cars may be serviced, it gives the motorist a lot more freedom in the decision to who should look after their vehicle.

Independent specialised garages like us can now offer you this freedom by:

Servicing your vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s service schedule

Fitting original vehicle parts or parts of matching quality

Offering high standards of workmanship with significant savings compared to your local dealer

Retaining the full service history of your vehicle which increases resale value

Preserving your manufacturer’s warranty

Service and Repairs

A full range of Vehicle Accessories