Alternator & Starter Repairs in Mansfield

Alternator & Starter Repairs in Mansfield

Here at AF1 Services we not only supply new starter and alternators, we are able to diagnose, test and repair your own unit in many cases..
Should your starter unit be beyond repair we are able to offer replacement units and install them for you.

Signs you need you alternator or starter need looking at;

  1. Unusual Noises, Smells (particularly a burning rubber smell) or Smoke.
  2. Dashboard Warning Light (this can be a battery shaped symbol, the word “Alt”, or “Gen”).
  3. Dim Headlights ­ both headlights will be dim or faint.

At AF1 Services, we offer cost­ effective solutions for both alternator and starter motor repair and replacement.
We are able to offer a  quick turnaround for your repairs, so that you’re on the road again as soon as possible.

Give us a call on: 01623 657377


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